Car in sundownAlthough most of the roads in Namibia are gravel roads, they are mostly well maintained.  Almost the entire country can be visited with a normal sedan car.  There is no doubt however that a vehicle with a higher ground clearance (4x4, 2x4 pick-up or even a Toyota Condor) will provide more comfort.
Visitors planning to go to Damaraland (off the main roads), Kaokoland or Khaudom (min. 2 vehicles) will need a 4x4.
The last 5 km to Sossusvlei require a 4x4.  However, there is a shuttle service for visitors with 2x4 cars.  See also Travel tips.

Safety does not always depend on the type of car you rent,  but especially on the driver and the speed.  Remember that you do not know these roads and that gravel roads can have sandy patches and tricky dips through dry riverbeds.  Moderate speed will also help avoid flat and burst tyres.

Remember that during the rainy season (November - April) some riverbeds might have water.  With a sedan car it might be more difficult to pass the riverbed.  Please do not risk your life and rental car by crossing water that is not shallow and calm enough.

What you need to know before renting a vehicle

Namibia has approx. 200 car rental companies !  Most of them are trustworthy and correct.  Ask the rental company for an example of a contract so that you can read the fine print before deciding to rent the car.

In general you will have to pay an excess, e.g. a deposit (amount blocked on your credit card).  Some car rental companies also offer the car with a reduced excess or even with a ZERO excess. 

In case of damage to the vehicle, the client will have to pay the repair costs, but not more than the excess amount.  Please check with the rental company if this also applies in case of "negligence": an accident due to speeding, night driving, drunken driving, an accident with no other vehicle involved, an accident caused by animals or an accident on a gravel road.

Damage to tyres, windscreens and headlights are always on the client's account unless the rental company offers a special insurance for that.

Overview of types of cars

Attention: these are approximate prices for 2007

Prices differ per rental company and according to the number of days you want to rent the vehicle.  Cars like a Toyota Condor, 2x4 single/double cabs and 4x4 single/double cabs can also be rented with camping material for 2-4 persons.

Contact us for a quote.  We will find the best price for you according to availability and your wishes.

The following prices are an indication for a period of 15 days.

Price per day Excess
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With camping equipment
Toyota Condor
aircon, radio/CD, 4-5 people
N$530.00 N$15000.00 N$565.00
Volkswagen T5 diesel (minibus)
aircon, power steering, radio/CD, up to 8 people
N$890.00 N$18000.00
Isuzu 2x4 single cab
aircon, power steering, radio/CD, 2 people, lockable canopy
N$570.00 N$16000.00


Isuzu 2x4 double cab
aircon, power steering, radio/CD, 4 people, lockable canopy
N$590.00 N$20000.00
for 2 pax with 1 roof tent
for 4 pax with 1 rooftent & 1 dome tent
4x4 single cab (Toyota/Nissan)
aircon, power steering, radio/CD, 2 people, lockable canopy
N$660.00 N$15000.00



4x4 double cab (Toyota/Nissan)
aircon, power steering, radio/CD, 4 people, lockable canopy
N$725.00 N$15000.00
with 2 rooftents
Toyota Fortuner 4x4
aircon, power steering, radio/CD, 4 people
N$860.00 N$24000.00
for 2 pax with 1 rooftent
Toyota Landcruiser 4x4
aircon, power steering, radio/CD, 5 people
N$1060.00 N$50000.00
for 4 pax with 2 rooftents
Bushcamper for 2 people
built-in bed